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An alloy of copper and tin and sometimes other elements, or any of various copper base alloys with little or no tin.
  • Silicon Bronze (copper-silicon) is very corrosion resistant and not prone to dezincification.
  • Aluminum Bronze (copper-aluminum) is close to Silicon Bronze.
  • Phosphor Bronze is not quite as resistant as aluminum or silicon bronze.
  • Manganese Bronze has poor resistance to corrosion and is subject to dezincification. Manganese Bronze is not a true bronze as it contains from 21% to 41% Zinc. It is often used for marine castings such as cleats and portlights, stuffing boxes, rudders, and struts but must have cathodic protection if installed underwater. Bolts of this metal holding working wood timbers together would dezinc and the flexing would break them. .
  • Brass should never be used in damp installations.
  • Naval Brass has Tin content that increases resistance to dezincification, but still is a poor substitute for a good Bronze.
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