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(Also known as yellow fir, Oregon pine)

Softwood 34 lbs. per cubic foot, 2.83 lbs. per board foot
This boat building lumber comes from the coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest. It is not a true fir, thus the hyphenated name. Unseasoned green lumber is common and should be avoided. The heartwood tends to be pinkish to yellow in color, with mature growths being of straight, uniform, and dense grained. Younger trees tend to have more knots. The wood is strong, moderately hard, moderately decay resistant in the heartwood, splits relatively easily, does not bend or steam bend readily, and is fairly easy to work. Douglas-fir is sometimes used for making spars in place of Sitka spruce, and in these applications, the wood should be free of defects, well seasoned, and of vertical grain for strength.

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