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Plywood As Boatbuilding Material

Plywood is one of the cheapest and easiest building materials, one that the average do-it-yourselfer is both familiar and comfortable with. Plywood is also, pound for pound, stronger than steel. Because of its high strength to weight, plywood construction yields a boat that is much lighter and performs better than a "chopper gun" fiberglass boat. No exotic tools are required, and with the possible exception of enough C-clamps, plywood boats can be built with the tools in the average home workshop. Plywood boats are frequently built in school wood shops or by youth groups as individual or group projects.

Plywood is used as a "sheet" material in the majority of plywood boats, including Stitch-N-Glue. Plywood is also used in "cold-molded" construction and "multi-diagonal" planking.

SHEET PLYWOOD: Plywood is used in panels of one or two layers. This requires a minimum of cutting and fitting and requires much fewer frames than most "traditional" planking methods.

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