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Planking Methods-wood

Various methods include; sheet plywood, stitch-N-glue, double diagonal, cold-molded, and strip.

SHEET PLYWOOD is the simplest wood planking method.

STITCH-N-GLUE is a simplified sheet plywood method which eliminates the use of stems and chines, thus avoiding the "fairing" required in conventional plywood construction.

DOUBLE (MULTI-) DIAGONAL planking is more involved; used when compound shapes are incorporated into the hull (i.e.“bulbous forefoot”, “reverse curve”, “round bilge”). Uses strips of plywood or solid wood veneers laid over the hull in layers of opposite diagonals, glued together, most often with epoxy.

COLD-MOLDED is a term that can be used interchangeably with above.

STRIP w/FRP on Both Side - utilizes thin strips of wood, edge glued together. One method uses the wood as a “core” with fiberglass on both sides (see STRIPPER, GLEN-L 11 designs).

STRIP w/FRP on Outside - The more common method uses strips fitted, glued, and fastened on edge with optional fiberglass on the outside only (See WHITEHALL, HARBOR MASTER, AMIGO designs).

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