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Sea Ray Plant Code

The fourth digit of Sea Ray hull identification numbers determine which plant the vessel was manufactured.

Examples of plant codes are as follows:

Oxford, MI M SERM
Cherokee Cove, TN C SERC
Phoenix, AR A SERA
Cork, Ireland E SERE
Knoxville, TN T SERT
Riverview, TN R SERR
Merritt Island, FL F SERF
Fort Mill, SC S SERS
Palm Coast, FL P SERP
Sykes Creek, FL Y SERY
Tellico, TN V SERV

Exception: Vessels built at Merritt Island and Palm Coast, prior to 1990 model year, are identified by "MI" and "PC" respectively in the Sea Ray production number.


Merritt Island SERF7477H889 - MI340DA-520
Palm Coast SERF7486H889 - PC460EC-506

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